Paleo Simplified Oat Free Praline Granola

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Paleo Simplified Oat Free Granola
If you ever tried a New Orleans style praline you were addicted from the start.  Paleo Simplified's New Praline Crunch brings the “taste of New Orleans “to a delicious gluten-free oat free granola. praline crunch combines the nutritious and delicious flavors from pecans sunflower seeds almonds coconuts ,chick pea ,  flaxseed bourbon vanilla , maple syrup and sea salt into a tasty delight.  be healthy eat healthy , what you eat matters!  
If u are looking for a Paleo Granola with a different delicious taste now is the time to try Paleo Simplified Praline Crunch. 
Praline crunch uses only the highest quality ingredients and never compromises. Always all natural and nothing artificial.