Nutty Fruit Bliss Gluten Free Raw (12 bars)

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Paleo Nutty Fruit Bliss Superfood Gluten Free Energy Bar



Nutty Fruit Bliss, our original bar.  I had actually made this bar for me before I even knew there was going to be a Paleo Simplified.  I wanted a bar slamming with nutrition, loaded with antioxidants and would help me towards my Paleo weight loss goals.  Oh, and of course, it had to be delicious.  This satisfying bar was perfect for after my workouts and also for a Paleo meal.  With over 27 vitamins and minerals gave me the energy and stamina I needed to get through the day.  With such a low glycemic response, I had no crash and burn and still got to enjoy the delicious flavors of the dates, cashews and goji berries.  The tart-sweet cherries made this oh so delicous! You will think so too!  Don't wait. Get this delivered to your door right now.  And don't forget - sign up for our autoship program and save!